Ghabby Wan to release new song with King Flow of Vodafone Icons Fame

In an interview this morning with the C.E.O of Kpook3k3 Twedea Ginger by Jay Foli of 4syte Tv, the CEO revealed some very interesting news.

According to the C.E.O of Kpook3k3 Twedea Ginger , he has saw an Upcoming Artiste buzzing the internet with a new song he about to Release Titled “Sankofa Kpook3k3 “ Featuring King Flow of (Vodafone Icons Fame ) and he is very happy to the Stent that he can’t wait to Listen the Song “Sankofa Kpook3k3 “ Woow.

So he and his Boad members of Kasapreko Company quickly Batch into Facebook and search for these Artise , @GhabbyWan @ GngKingFlow to Follow them.

And now as I’m talking the song is not out yet but he has Already Endoresed the Song “Sankofa Kpook3k3 “ and the news is Everywhere on Social Media Song Produced by Atmbtz & Mixed by ElormBeatz from Western Region Takoradi Quickly follow Buzz Entertainment for More Updates & SpeedMusicGH.net Thank You

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